Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ruggedy Annes - Jagged Thoughts ep (1985, Tabb)

Had a very recent request for this one.  The Ruggedy Annes were a fearsome, femme four-piece from Winnipeg, Manitoba whose slash and burn punk rumblings were likely to conjure up fairly obvious comparisons to their predecessors due south, The Avengers and X.   The Annes packed an extra heavy wallop IMO, exhibiting the thrust and musculature of the Zero Boys among other American hardcore-leaning punksters.  Jagged Thoughts goes a little slack on "Dead & Gone," but the remaining five titles (including all of side one) are thoroughly bracing, packing maximum rock and roll firepower into their respective two-minute lifespans.  Fairly wordy lyrics to boot.

01. Jagged Thoughts
02. Autumn
03. G.I. Joe
04. Dead & Gone
05. Casual Design
06. Hollow Heros


GraemeSTL said...

No music download for this one?

GraemeSTL said...

No music download for this one?

spavid said...

Sorry about that. Thanks for pointing this out.

jeffen said...

Thanks for upping this for me and I'm glad you liked it!

Justin Crash said...

nice! i actually used to have this, but now.... i don't. the ruggedy annes are one of my favorite bands on the -it came from the pit- compilation... that there's a good comp.

Sociologian said...


DaveGeek said...

Thank you so much! I have been looking for this forever!