Sunday, December 18, 2011

Singles Going Single #193 - Bring Back Dad 7" (Science Project, 1994)

In doing my research on Albuquerque's assumably long put to pasture Bring Back Dad, I was reminded that I already covered them, via their contribution to a 7" covers comp called Been There, Done That, minted on the same label that released this wax.  Judging by their originals, Bring Back Dad brought the rawk big time, possessing the crooked, bludgeon-pop assault of contemps Archers of Loaf and New Sweet Breath.  Plump, hernia-inducing power chords and ear bleeding harmonies are full tilt go on "Al Capone," and are all the more ferocious on the aptly titled "Upset."  Regarding Science Project Records, the label also released a split single with Scared of Chaka and Flake Music, the latter of those two bands rechristened themselves as The Shins and enjoyed modest success shortly thereafter. 

A. Al Capone
B. Upset


stewrat said...

thanks for your continued stream of excellent posts. I'm curious where the Zayre's photo was taken as it looks just like the one I bought all my Beatles Lps in the 60s. Best wishes for the holidays/New Year

spavid said...

This Zayres's was in Addison, IL. You can see a slightly more complete version of the pic here:,_Addison,_IL_1.jpg