Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Mirrors - s/t (1987, Banger)

I had seen copies of this one floating around for awhile before finally taking the plunge, or more accurately examining my reflection in The Mirrors.  Thanks to usurping such a ubiquitous word for a moniker, researching this five-some made for a hapless task. From a sonic standpoint these alt-leaning, albeit demonstrably AOR grounded Huntington Beach dudes could have been riding high on the crest of a major MTV wave had they been blessed with major label validation.  No, you won't necessarily find boatloads of mystique as you fix your gaze into The Mirrors, but this affair is more inviting than you might expect thanks to frontman Brian Boru's heightened melodic chops and Paul Gilette's and Nick Random's assertive attack that threatens to propel "Black Slax" and "Roll Along" into rugged power pop terrain. The album can be previewed in it's entirety on YouTube.

01. Roll ALong
02. One More Kiss
03. Gp With Me
04. Angelina's Dream
05. Black Slax
06. WM. Mirror
07. Bracelets
08. The Only One
09. Cutting Through the Crowd

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