Thursday, October 22, 2020

L'etranger - Sticks and Stones ep (1986)

Per the bio on their Wiki page, Toronto's L'etranger began life as punks, before closing their career out with this four-songer, which found them sporting a modus operandi in tandem with the more pedestrian strains of the left-of-the-dial spectrum.  In short, Stick and Stones isn't the most distinctive record of it's era, but the quartet gets by with amply appealing and catchy tunes.  If you enjoyed what Crowded House, and to a lesser extent, the 415 Records contingent was up to in the mid-80s, you'll probably have a thing for L'etranger.  The danceable title cut features an extra funky bass-line, revealing a luscious guitar-pop center.  

01. Time and Place
02. Trail of Tears
03. Wrestling With the Nice Stuff
04. Sticks and Stones


corycmc said...

Do you have any of their other stuff?
Thanks Cory

spavid said...

No, I'm afraid I don't at the moment.

corycmc said...

I just ordered the other 2 EP's. If you want mp3 copies let me know. Cory

Indiggy said...

I recognize "Time and Place" that would be re-recorded for the first Andrew Cash solo record on Island Records. Great stuff - thanks for posting