Saturday, October 31, 2020

Crashing Plains - Kamikaze Gospel tape (1988, Sticktime)

Even in the big bad old '80s when the DIY cassette album peaked (almost to be outdone by similar ubiquity in the early/mid '90s), it was rare to find ones of consistency by genuinely talented artists.  Ventura, CA's Crashing Plains are one of the relatively few bands I've featured that by and large managed to nail it on their 1988 cartridge, Kamikaze Gospel.  It helps to have memorable songs I suppose, and this now rarely mentioned and long departed indie rock trio boasted some really killer ones, in roughly the same vein of Twin/Tone-era Soul Asylum.  "I Dream of Structures," "History Starts Now," and the blistering "Reoccurring Dream," all pack a solid dollop of bite, verve and serrated guitar lines.  The Plains cool their heels on "Bury the Past," while "Holy War," is highlighted by a poignant, extended a cappella intro, before busting out into something more savage.  Kamikaze... infrequently lags here and there, but overall is a well above average keeper. 

Frontman Mike Schulte has assembled a lengthy YouTube playlist, predominantly of songs he's performed, including a handful of C/P tunes including this early rehearsal recording.  

01. Someone Else's Beat
02. Holy War
03. I Dream of Structures
04. We're All Sinners
05. Bury the Past
06. History Starts Now
07. Nothing at All
08. It Must Be the Heat
09. Nowhere to Go
10. Reoccurring Dream
11. When the Search is Over


Enterim said...

Thanks for posting, good record. Would it be possible to include ID3 tags in the future so I don't have to retag the MP3s? Thanks!

spavid said...

Enterim, if you see this I have ID3 tags set at "ID3-V2". Just moved it to "ID3-V1 & ID3-V2". Not sure if that helps.