Sunday, October 18, 2020

Cool it Reba - Money Fall Out the Sky ep (1982, Hannibal)

On their lone ep this cheeky NYC bunch blended rhythmically sentient yet accessible new-wave flavorings with temptingly clangy guitar lines.  Known to frequent CBGBs, and even having the good fortune of landing opening slots for REM and Billy Idol, Cool it Reba struck me as being a phenomenally well kept secret.  It's difficult to base a band off of merely four songs, but to their credit, with such a lean oeuvre I have to hand it to CiR for making it a challenge to pick a favorite. If I was to remark on any of Money Fall Out the Sky's quadrant of entries, the title piece concerns a literal interpretation of it's premise, wherein millions pour from the heavens and such matters as say, inflation, are instantly relegated to sheer triviality.  Am digging the chiming chords in "I Saw Snakes" which briefly channels the aptitude of then-contemporaries Pylon.  Should you be so inclined, feel free to browse an archival blogsite of Cool it Reba memorabilia and such here.  

01. Money Fall Out the Sky
02. History of Love
03. I Saw Snakes
04. Out Where the Buses Don't Run


Failsafe said...

"many bootlegs of their live shows and unreleased studio recordings have circulated. "
interesting. Have you come across any yet?

Failsafe said...

Very Talking Heads in places

spavid said...

Am afraid not Failsafe. I hear TH too.

WmPerry said...

yeah, this is actually really good music, that you dont need nostalgia (or anti-nostlgia-"i cant believe i thought these guyswere on to something") to listen to. Did anybody in 80's play guitar w/out chorus effect? Its hard to like, except Nikki scopelitis in durrutti column -its sea sickness for tunes.
Thank spavid for continued excellence