Saturday, October 10, 2020

New Marines - No Peace mLP (1985, American, Enigma)

So far as I know there's not one copy of this record in existence that doesn't skip all over the place.  That includes my two copies, the ones sent out to DJs and press people, or even the stray version of the New Marines No Peace that might be chilling in the used section of your local record dispensary.  This sadly, structurally flawed disk existed only on vinyl, enjoyed one initial pressing in '83, and evidently no gatekeeper at Enigma sat down for a mere half hour to scrutinize a test copy for any hiccups or irregularities.  An unbelievable set of circumstances, and given the now aged time frame of it's release there's no evidence the issue was officially addressed.  

So why am I going to the trouble of sharing it, warts and all?  A couple reasons, namely I found a rip of No Peace where a good half of the tunes play back relatively smoothly.  Secondly, audio imperfections aside, it's a stimulating concoction of new-wave and mainstream-ish pop rock, with catchy and incisive cuts like "No Peace Through Chemistry" and "When We Were Young," that maintain enough of a nervy edge to keep things interesting and warrant repeat listenings.  By the time you hit "J.O." that's where things get bumpy and the blemishes become glaringly obvious.  Some great music here, but as I've observed I have serious doubts that a properly functioning copy of this album ever made it's way to market.  If any of ya'll have any insight into what went awry with No Peace, or can offer a superior digitized version, don't be a stranger.  Thanks to whomever went to the effort of making the rip I'm presenting today.

01. No Peace Through Chemistry
02. She Won't Wear That Collar
03. When We Were Young
04. Style is the Way
05. J.O.
06. Lift Pad
07. Do it For Science


Failsafe said...

This is a great sounding record.
I wonder if the glitches are in the same place on the various dubs?
I would be a simple job to cut together a complete set from various copies. I'll give it a go if you have multiple dubs I can compile from.

spavid said...

Both of my copies skip on the same songs - pretty much all of them. I might try to look some of the Marines up and see if they can shed any light on this mystery.

Failsafe said...

if it's the same songs in he same places hen it's a fault in the pressing master plate and that can't be edited around as they'll all have the same glitches.
It might just be a poor depth of cut where the stylus is skipping grooves. You can put a small coin on the stylus to keep it from jumping for the dub play. But if it's a built in glitch, you may be able to see it

Failsafe said...

looks like hey had a few releases.
Found this video for one of their songs. sounds a bit blues rock