Saturday, October 24, 2020

Mavelous Sauce - s/t (1991, Eureka)

Leading something of a double life, Marvelous Sauce hailed from Buffalo, but had a solid foothold a few hundredths of a latitudinal degree due north in nearby Ontario, Canada where their label, Eureka, was based, as was much of their following. The then-fresh faced foursome bore a loungy slant, falling far short of being mistaken for a "lounge act."  Overtly pop, with nary a grungy overtone or cavalcade of distortion pedals to fall back on, Marvelous Sauce were content to be their own animal, and a refined one at that. They vaguely resembled a more spartan Jellyfish on "The Amended Will," with some of their more piano-centric tunes suggesting what Ben Folds Five would have in mind later in the decade. "Sister Knows What to Do," wields a well-placed dash of blue-eyed soul, and if straight-up guitar pop is your hankering you'll find abundant charm ensconced in "Medium" and "On My Floor," the latter of which was accompanied with a pro-shot music video.  The band is known to reunite on occasion, and if you want more details on M/S this archived Buffalo News article is your best bet.

01. Sister Knows What to Do
02. Animals and Bicycles
03. The Amended Will
04. Medium
05. Strength and Sobriety
06. Talk About You
07. Move on Living
08. On My Floor
09. Underwater
10. Temporarily Aside

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