Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Also-rans - The Resignation ep (2002, SINCaudio)

From a review in issue #50 in Big Takeover magazine:

Dare I say this is amazing?  This young-ish Beantown five-piece is armed with an awareness of indie-guitar rock that finds them wise well beyond their years.  Even if this already brief three-song EP was whittled down to just the scintillating opener “Resignation Letter,” you’d still be enamored by the Also-Rans appreciation for early Archers of Loaf, Treepeople and Versus and their ability to apply these well-worn influences into such warm, buzzing songcraft.  Can’t wait to hear more.  

More can be had from the Also-rans on Bandcamp.

01. Resignation Letter
02. Glass Jaw
03. Chapter 3 

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