Sunday, February 7, 2016

...because my so-called friends have left me, and I don't care at all.

The compilation that got the whole ball of wax rolling thirty years ago.  From the CD reissue.



Pernt said...

Oh man, this is the greatest late Christmas/early birthday present you could have given me. I've been looking for this for AGES.

Seriously, thanks so much for all the music. And the write-ups, too! Your histories, analyses, and nostalgic reminisces go a long way towards adding to my appreciation of all the new bands and tunes you present to the masses.

Have a great one!


joseph kyle said...

Fun Fact--Cherry Red has announced an imaginary follow-up comp .... compiled by this comp's original compilers.

Unknown said...

I get the quote from Velocity Girl, what was the upload?