Friday, February 12, 2016

Mrs. Peacock - My Brain and it's Headlights ep (1991)

It wouldn't be the least bit of an exaggeration to say this one is something of a no-namer - but an intriguing one at that.  The almost un-Googleable Mrs. Peacock were a trio that strutted their proverbial "stuff" in/around the environs of Gloucester, MA,  Side one (tracks 1-3) is impressive DIY post-punk flirting on the fringes of goth.  A bit of noir mystique, chiming guitars, and a mouthpiece faintly recalling Julian Cope tally up to more latent potential than one might expect.  Two iffier items occupy the flip of My Brain..., with the ambient drone of "Sally's Song" out-weirding anything else in sight.  Overall, not bad for a 50 cent yardsale find.

01. My Brain and It's Headlights
02. The Empty Stare
03. Birthday
04. Creator
05. Sally's Song


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Koyott said...

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