Friday, September 4, 2015

Sloan - Recorded Live At A Sloan Party! (1997,The Enclave)

Behold, the "mystery" live Sloan album.  Mysterious in the sense that there's no mention as to when it was recorded, simply that the tape was rolling at a "Sloan party."  And indeed, the set does bear a celebratory tenor to it, with hand-claps, audience banter and so forth.  Truth be told however, there was no actual "party," and you can read a bit more about the circumstances here

The album was bundled as a bonus CD with the U.S. version of Sloan's third album, One Chord to Another, upon it's 1997 release.  Pictured to your left is the front of the slipcase.  I'm not sure how limited it was, but 5000 copies might be a good guess.  There are heaps of covers here - Jonathan Richman, Brian Ferry and even Canned Heat by way of Stereolab.  Sloan's originals aren't quite as prevalent, but "I Am the Cancer" (a classic single from Smeared) seems to be spruced up with extra harmonies for this occasion.  You can download it to your heart's content in either FLAC or MP3

01. Let's Get the Party Started
02. I Can Feel It
03. Dignified and Old
04. Glitter and Gold
05. Over You
06. I Am the Cancer
07. I Can't Let Go
08. Stood Up
09. On the Road Again/Transona Five
10. I Wouldn't Want to Lose Your Love

MP3 (320 kbps)  or  FLAC


heyadamo said...

I bought this the day it came out, as well as the new Matthew Sweet album of that time (Blue Sky on Mars IIRC.) Hope a bunch of people enjoy this as it's a fun little one-off, not unlike the album it's inspired by.

Also sidebar that the Enclave had a RIDICULOUS roster: Sloan, Belle and Sebastian, World Party, Fluffy, the underrated September 67....

Beyes said...

Does the sleeve say (or does anyone know) who the female vocalist is on "glitter and Gold"?

spavid said...

No, there really aren't any notes on it, just a track list.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the great post!

Please reup: Flies - s/t ep (1982, Czech)


spavid said...

Just fixed the Flies link.

evr said...

just gonna leave this here in case you were unaware :)!

Pete Porpoise said...

Thanks for more Sloan!!

spavid said...

Thanks EVR! I know all about the cosmic connection between the two.

lucky said...

very interesting, thanks

don't see a lot of Stereolab covers

Doug said...

Many thanks!

binkerbo said...

Thanks for posting this! I have this but I'd completely forgotten. Reminders are always good :)

Joe said...

The band is working on a deluxe box set of One Chord To Another like it did for Twice Removed. I'm sure this will be included.

Tidesworthy said...

any chance of a re-up on this one?

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this album. Ended up buying recording of all the original artist:
Everly brothers
Roxy Music
The Hollies
April Wine
Modern Lovers
It was almost as brilliant as One Cord to Another.

sloanfan78 said...

Any chance you could re-up this download?