Friday, September 25, 2015

Private I - "Talk to Me" 7" (1984, 37 Records)

This one is a little on the slick side, but I'm hardly complaining.  Private I wielded a synthy blend of AOR thrust with a mainstream new romantic aptitude.  The driving "Talk to Me" is cloyingly catchy, a telltale product of '80s studio amenities, exuding a cozy homegrown glow nonetheless.  A quasi ballad of sorts, the flip, "Here in This Life" is more subdued.  No personnel details are provided, but the label responsible for this wax, 37 Records, is listed with an East Irvine, CA addy.  Enjoy (or not).

A. Talk to Me
B. Here in This Life

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PoodleHead2005 said...

There is some information about the band on the Internet that I recently discovered. Steve McClintock was the lead singer, DW Jackson was the drummer, Craig Snazelle was the bass player, and Garm Beall was the keyboardist. The other two members, Doug and Ken Johnston, may have been guitarists. Apparently they released a full-length LP in 1986 titled "Cruel and Unusual" under the name "PI."