Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Aviators - Deed to a Ranch ep (1986, Lost Arts)

Sadly, there's not much to be had on The Aviators, although this wasn't their only record.  Per the back sleeve notes, they recorded the studio side of Deed... in Colorado, but the live flipside was cut at Madame Wong's in Santa Monica, CA, so who knows which locale they were headquartered in.  So far as the tunes are concerned, this four-piece strike me as possessing loose AOR ambitions, with a stronger foothold in the alt-rock realm, evidenced by the three satisfying cuts occupying the first half of this record.  Frontman, E. Shepard Stevenson, tends to recall John Robinson of the Fluid, and much like the Fluid, the Aviators brew up a frothy punk alchemy on the live "Keeps Them Alive."

01. Happy
02. Goodbye
03. Everybody's Getting Down
04. Keeps Them Alive (live)
05. Big Slide (live)


PoodleHead2005 said...

Do you happen to have their 1983 EP "Night Friends"?

Thanks! :)

spavid said...

Sorry, but I'm afraid I don't.