Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pezband - Thirty Seconds Over Schaumburg ep (1978)

The Pezband were part and parcel of the power pop vanguard, emerging from said genre's mid-to-late '70s wellspring, and while I never took a fanboy adherence to them, their 1977 debut was nothing short of a hooky, harmony-laden haven.  Two more full lengths followed, both of which were never investigated in full by yours truly, due in no small part to the hefty price tags adorning some Japanese reissues a few years ago, but I digress.  From my vantage point, the live Thirty Seconds Over Schaumburg, was a considerable departure from their original formula.  The Pez are exponentially looser and more freewheeling in this particular live setting, oozing guitar-god hard rock on the opener, a Yardbirds cover no less.  In some respects, this sounds like an arena recording given the extraneous guitar jams, but side two brings the band right back down to earth.  Taut, savvy originals "Close Your Eyes" and "Crash and Burn" satisfy in the way that only Midwestern power pop can, both of which are firmly in league with their Chicago brethren Off Broadway USA.  A fine thing if you ask me.

01. Blue Wind/Stroll On
02. I'm Not Talking
03. I'm Leaving
04. Crash and Burn
05. Close Your Eyes


Lord Carrett said...

You can't go wrong with Pezband! Thanks!

Jim H. said...

Your summations are pretty right on! I bought that first LP when it came out in 1977 primarily because reviews mentioned the Raspberries, which was my by-word at the time for greatness!! You're right, those Japanese reissue prices are obscene, tho I do have the second LP from that series, but, imho, the second LP had some great moments, the third, well, less so..........on the 'Schaumburg" lp their medley of Jeff Beck's "Blue Wind" into the Yardbirds' "Stroll On" is cleverly, and masterfully done, with way more volume then most of the power pop bands of the day.....thanks much!!!

Eddie P said...

hello! Would you be able to re-post Pezband's 'Thirty Seconds Over Schaumburg'? Most appreciated, if you're able to. I recently discovered that they were the mystery band of an untitled song I was guessing was called 'Crash and Burn' on an old 1978 college radio tape I made back then. I'd been trying to find out who recorded this song while attempting to decipher the lyrics and search on Google. I was ready to give up on my detective work any further when I finally found the song on YouTube. Thanks in advance!! --Ed

Eddie P said...

Thanks very much for reposting this one! --Ed