Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pollen - Crescent (1995, Grass)

I recently had a request for Crescent, the second album from Pennsylvania pop-punks Pollen.  Way back when I started this whole ball of wax I shared the album that preceded it (Bluette) and their career best which followed it (Peach Tree).  With an achingly profound affection for ALL (the band), this quintet not only ventured forth in their sheer admiration of the post-Descendents crew, they hired one of it's founders, Stephen Egerton to co-produce Crescent.   The album is probably the least persuasive of their four long-players, but trust me, that's no knock, boasting crunch-all-istic beauts like "Foliage" and "Toaster."  I could do without some of the slower five-minute tunes, but Pollen manage to cobble together a decent riff-pop fest that aficionados of All and Gameface will have no trouble gravitating to.

01. Freshly Broken
02. Foliage
03. Happy Hands
04. Bus
05. Crystal Clear
06. Wishbone
07. Toaster
08. Relics
09. Vanilla
10. Elsewhere
11. Butterworth
12. Away
13. Bicycle


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Stathis said...

Thank you for Pollen's Crescent.
Do you have also Pollen's ''Chip'' CD of 1999 and the split CD with Co-Ed to share?
Thank you very much

TinnyHK said...

Ya no funciona el link :c