Monday, August 10, 2015

A history of headaches.

Today it's the bonus disk belonging to a deluxe reissue of a much coveted new wave-era platter from 1982.



Pernt said...

Hi and welcome back. Hope your trip was a good one.

I was talking with a friend from college yesterday, and we both realized we shared a musical "holy grail", and I'm hoping that you can help!

We're looking for a self-titled album/CD by a band called Head For Tall Trees, supposedly released in 1987. AllMusic barely has any info:

We're not even sure it even really EXISTS! But we've been wanting to hear it for years, ever since we discovered a track by the band on the classic "More Mondo" comp from 1985:

Anyway, if you can help, my friend and I would be ETERNALLY grateful! Thanks in advance!


Unknown said...


Can you please re upload the LP by Hollins Ferry.

thanks a lot


donmar002 said...

Please re-upload yesterday's Mystery Monday. I did not know you were back and was also very busy yesterday.

Thank you,

Mark Cunningham

spavid said...

Hey Pernt. Never heard of Head For Tall Trees, but there are a few sellers on Amazon that have copies for purchase:

Should be able to get to Hollins Ferry soon. As for M/M files, they're only available for 36 hours tops. May repost at a later date.

Pernt said...

Crap! Your collection is so deep, your knowledge is so vast, I was sure you had it crammed in a chest up in the attic somewhere! Nuts. Well, thanks for the research.

You rock! This blog is routinely my favorite part of my morning breakfast.


Unknown said...

Hi Spavid,

any chance you have Brazilia "Pants Tight, Arms Crossed" because I can't find the digital files anywhere?