Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Movement - s/t ep (1985, Neo)

Ah, just what the doctor ordered - a sweet set of potent, driving power pop that subscribes to the same undiluted aesthetic as the Plimsouls, Producers, and a myriad of others from this era were renown for.  For that matter, Shoes might have come up with something like this had they been a bit less inhibited.  I do have to say however the bizarre outro that concludes the record is a bit puzzling, as is the equally odd side one segue track "Back in the Cafeteria."

By what little I have to go on The Movement operated out of Nashville, and prime-Mover Richie Owens is still at it with his current endeavor, The Farm Bureau.  I've got a live Movement clip for you below from '84.  Have at it!

01. Together We Can Survive
02. Lost Horizon
03. Back in the Cafeteria
04. I've Got Eyes
05. I Won't Settle Down
06. Temporary
07. Illusion of Conciousness
08. untitled


Matt said...

Love this. The Wolves too! You're having a good week.

Jim H. said...

great stuff! who the heck knew, other than you, this stuff was out there! less toothy than the Plimsouls to my ears, but "Lost Horizon" is a gem!!! thanks!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I bought the original vinyl LP when it came out when I was in Knoxville and I still have it (but have never have been able to get a good rip) I really like "Together We Can Survive." Most Nashville bands would frequently make the trip to Knoxville to play around the university but I never saw these guys. Thanks for digging into it!