Friday, March 14, 2014

Sister Psychic - Catch and Release (1996, Y)

Had a request for this.  I listened to Sister Psychic's first album, Fuel, on occasion when it came out.  That was around 1991-92, but for the most part, they fell off my radar after that.  SP were a Seattle fuzz pop trio, who weren't terribly concerned with grunge (yet they definitely employed some crunchy riffs now and again).  Not unlike Gnome, but I thought Gnome had better material.  Speaking of which, Y Records was an obscuro Seattle imprint, that I think was actually supposed to release a Gnome CD out, but anyway.  Enjoy (or not).

01. Garden
02. Bob
03. Hollywood
04. AFL
05. Dream Heard
06. Make Me Nervous
07. If I Were God
08. Japan
09. My Decision
10. Groove
11. Draw With Erasers
12. Space Boy


Unknown said...

Hey man, I love this post! Thank you very very much!!!!!

Rob-in-Brevard said...
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Rob-in-Brevard said...

Thanks for this and so many other excellent shares.

Thanks also for adding my dB's Repercussion blog to your blogroll. If I ever got around to doing that, I'll be sure to add WO to mine...


Unknown said...

Could you please reupload this one?


Oxy said...

Sorry. Missed the last re-up of this. Would you please consider this when you do another reup post? Thanks. It would be very much appreciated.

honeymoney said...

Please,reups Sister Psychic=Catch And Release=.Thanks in advance!

nexonemailrecognitionisawesome said...

If possible could you reup Sister Psychic-Catch and RElease? Thanks!

Killua said...

Could you reup this? please.
And have you heard this band? Softy
they released a single on Y Records (1994), would be interesting to see in your blog, it's not a request, only a musical recommendation.
Thanks for all that you do!

zdlrragefan said...

hello, can you re up for files please?