Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Crush - Here is Where I Cross My Fingers (2002, Adeline)

Speaking of Jawbreaker...  It's enticing albums like this that make me wonder "what if?" Blake, Chris and Adam had stuck around for a fifth LP.  I said the same thing to myself when I got my hooks into the Marshes' Fledgling, and DrugMoney's Mtn Cty Jnk, but in the case of The Crush I'm being far more sincere.  No, there isn't any wholesale plagiarism infecting the dozen stunners that occupy Here is Where I Cross My Fingers, but The Crush do manage to find that fabled twenty-fifth hour 24 Hour Revenge Therapy fell just shy of.  In a nutshell, this Minneapolis quartet ups the emo ante a notch (in keeping with the times if anything else) and tosses in an extra pinch of melody a la Samiam and Seaweed.  Lifetime's Jade Tree albums no doubt made an impression on The Crush as well.  Here is Where... was their second and final album, which had the good fortune of coming out on the Green Day-commandeered Adeline Records imprint.  Even with an overseas tour with GD themselves (including an opening gig in Wembley Stadium no less!) The Crush opted to close shop soon after.  A damn near crying shame if you ask me, considering the strength of this record, or at the very least it's most convincing moments like "Get Out Of My Head And Into My Hands" and "Kick The Cough That Kissed You Cold."  Dazzling stuff my friends.

01-Here Is Where I Cross My Fingers (Summer Song)
02-Everyday Is Everything
03-Get Out Of My Head And Into My Hands
04-Insinuating What?
05-This Shaking Sensation
06-Kick The Cough That Kissed You Cold
08-Dresser Drawer
09-He Thought Himself Sick
10-Sometimes I Fall Over
11-Mission Viejo
12-And For You I Am Dying Now


Unknown said...

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Joseph said...

Such a great record and then they just disappeared and left almost no trace. It's a shame this record is so hard to come by. I'm glad to have found your post others appreciating the band. Also, I had no idea this was there second record. Now i have to hunt down the first.

Canofduh said...

Apparently, they have an older record:Tonight will ruin tomorrow. released in 2001. I could hook you up with that if you don't have it.