Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pedaljets - What's In Between (2013, Electric Moth) - a brief overview

Considering that I've shared the Pedaljets 1988 debut album, Today, Today, and even a scarce demo tape of sorts, I would be remiss if I failed to point out that these Kansas residents have not only reunited, but grafted a brand new album to their discography What's In Between, their first in over two decades.  For the uninitiated, I would first recommend peering into the quartet's bio on their webpage.  In a nutshell, the Pedaljets, steeped upon their perch in Lawrence, KS in the mid '80s had keen insight into the indie and post-punk subcultures that were quietly emanating throughout the rest of the nation, particularly those in locales like Minneapolis and the southeast.  Distilling those influences while simultaneously adding something indigenous to the mix, the quartet produced a single and two albums within their initial 1984-90 lifespan.  The second of those two albums, 1990's Pedaljets wasn't mixed to their liking (to put it mildly), and the band eventually remedied the situation with a much more attentive remix/remaster of said LP in 2008. 

This brings us up to the present.  Half of the Pedaljets lineup remains intact, specifically frontman Mike Allmayer and drummer Rob Morrow.  The 23-year layover between albums is as evident but not detrimental.  What's in Between bears the muscular dexterity of the second Pedaljets album and then some, evident from the get-go on the driving, opening salvo, "Terra Nova," sounding like the most assured thing they've put their stamp on to date.  As a whole, WiB isn't as thoroughly inspired, though it is fun, thanks in part to the 'Jets robust rhythmic thrust, courtesy of Morrow and bassist Matt Kesler.  The band enjoyed it's creative apex during their initial run, best evidenced on the roughhewn but demonstrably sweeter Today Today album that I personally couldn't get enough of.  In Betweens’ deliberate (or not) concession to that era surfaces in the guise of the ringing “Measurement,” which longtime fans will relish.   More new Pedaljets music to follow...

I've set up a Pedaljets "taster" below with one track apiece from their three albums including this one.  What's in Between is available on wax or CD direct from Electric Moth, or digitally from Amazon and iTunes. 

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