Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gift of Tongues - s/t tape (1990)

Cyberspace hasn't been kind to this ostensibly long defunct combo from Omaha, NE, but for a no-name find, Gift of Tongues are so to speak...a gift.  The introductory "Playin' With Matches" cops a few random tricks from Nine Inch Nails bag 'o treats, which are soon intertwined into Gift's minimalist post-punk web.  I should emphasize that the lite industrial traces infiltrating this cassette never dominate, instead serving as ancillary ambiance.  The throbbing bump 'n grind of "Let Me Take Your Picture" is tantamount to early-INXS cum Big Black, but oddly enough, it's an equation that adds up by song's end.   "I Was Blind" benefits from disarmingly sweet, minor-chord clangyness, bearing a compelling sonic motif that points to early New Order.  A solid dose of gritty fidelity ups the charm factor exponentially I might add.  I do however take massive exception with the concluding “Bones,” a  slinky, creepy slow-jam that kills a valuable five minutes.  Even though the proceedings don't end with a bang, don't be sad, three out of four ain't bad.   If anyone can shed a little more light on Gift of Tongues comment to your heart's content. 

01. Playin' With Matches
02. Let Me Take Your Picture
03. I Was Blind
04. Bones

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Unknown said...

Spavid first at all thanks for showing this band. The song Bones is a fucking master piece. I wanted if its possible if u know more bands like this or if this have more albums. Much thanks for all your collaboration and work, Greetins from Argentina.