Sunday, December 27, 2009

Steve Blimkie and the Reason - s/t (1979, Ready)

Once again I uncover a great, virtually unknown power-pop talent from an era I thought I'd reached the bottom of the barrel of a long time ago. Steve Blimkie and the Reason were a Toronto quartet who released two albums (this being the first) and about a half dozen singles during their 1979-81 run (scroll over to the hyperlink for a bio on The Canadian Pop Encyclopedia). They compensated for their lack of innovation with sheer quality and a respectable amount of character to boot. Think early Joe Jackson, Tommy Tutone, and The A's. Steve Blimkie and the Reason falls just shy of classic status, offering succinct, whip-smart pearls like "Can't Say I'm Sorry," "Subway," and "It Only Happened Twice," all clocking in well under the three-minute mark. On a more trivial note, upon dissolution of the band, two of Blimkie's hired guns went onto greater success in Honeymoon Suite.

01. Break My Heart Tomorrow
02. It Only Happened Twice
03. All I Want is You Alone
04. Can't Say I'm Sorry
05. Now That You Say You Love Me
06. On the Edge
07. Subway
08. As I Am
09. I Got This Feeling
10. Now That You Say You Love Me


Ron said...

Wow! Too much fun. I remember seeing them years ago. This is great. Thanks.

cdsearcher said...

Any chance of a re-up?? Thanks!

cdsearcher said...

Thank You For the Re-Up! :-)

Here is his second album (I just got it and finished ripping 5 minutes ago!), unfortunately the vinyl had a lot of surface noise, but it still is nice to hear:

spavid said...

Great! Thanks so much. Look forward to hearing this.

fann said...

Terrific stuff, thanks!

Would you have lossless files of this rip?