Saturday, March 22, 2008

Singles Going Single #22 Fitz of Depression "The Awakening" 7" (1991, Meat)

Blood-boilingly intense punks, The Fitz of Depression came courtesy of the early-90s Olympia, WA breeding ground. Although they received some local notoriety at the time, including an honorable mention from Kurt Cobain, the band disappeared from everyone's collective radar by the middle of the decade, and haven't been heard since. The Awakening showcases the Fitz at their rip-roaring best, blasting through three songs in nearly as many minutes, a la Motorhead cum Zeke. A couple of albums on K Records followed this single, but they failed to capture the breakneck vigor and urgency that the Fitz so effectively displayed here. Bitchin'.

A. The Awakening
B1. Waiting For Your Move
B2. I'm a Poser


Unknown said...

Oh man! The Fitz were one of the best live bands ever! I got to see them in '95 when I lived in Olympia and saw them again last year in SF and when they originally re-formed back around 2005. Pass the word... THE FITZ ARE BACK!!!

I just got this single on eBay last month on gold vinyl. I did my own vinyl transfer but thanks for posting this kickass single. Too few folks know and appreciate this amazing band.

Unknown said...

Great stuff ! Saw them in Vancouver back when and bought this 7".

Unknown said...

please reupload, thanks

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

Kayjayare said...

Please Re-Up this