Friday, March 28, 2008

The Individuals - Fields LP (1982, Plexus)

While I'm not terribly big on these guys (and girl), I had a request a long time ago for Hoboken, NJ's Individuals, so what the hell. Fields was produced by Gene Holder of dB's fame, and furthermore, Mitch Easter is credited for "engineering and good ideas." Hmmm. The Individuals definitely had the early '80s college rock thing going, with a touch of the "new south" vibe tossed in for good measure, not to mention a razor-sharp awareness of rhythm. With that, I'd say that Fields would make a great appetizer for a Talking Heads binge. You can also download the Individual's Aquamarine ep right here.

01. My Three Sons (Revolve Around the Earth)
02. Can't Get Started
03. Hooks & Ladders
04. Monkey
05. Dancing With My Eighty Wives
06. Walk By Your House
07. Leap of Faith
08. White
09. Johnny's in the Mines
10. Thinking Aloud
11. Swimming in the Streets

Update: Fields, along with the aforementioned Aquamarine ep have been reissued on CD through Bar None, and as you might imagine, is also available from iTunes and Amazon downloads.


Linus said...

The Rapidshare link for the Fields LP actually contains the Aquamarine EP!

Rinjo Njori! said...

Yeah-- i was gonna say...

spavid said...

Nuts! Let me fix this. Thanks for alerting me.

spavid said...

Ok, I just replaced the bad link with the correct one. My apologies.

Anonymous said...

Love the "razor-sharp awareness of rhythm" comment. The Individuals had a great unique sound and rhythm. I may have been the one who requested this, so thanks a million!!!

Tony said...

Besides "new south" we also used to say "jangle pop."

I kinda liked "new south," we were trying to let people on the rest of the planet that a lot of us weren't interested in some of the older, more hateful concepts associated with the region...

KevinB said...

You just made my day!!! I loved this band...thanks!!