Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Shakers - Desired Effect (1987)

This gem of an album could have easily slipped by if it wasn't for the good people at Hyped to Death. Were I not fortunate enough to obtain a copy of their Teenline Vol. 3 compilation, of lost and under appreciated American indie bands from the '70s-80s, Nashville's Shakers would be entirely unknown to me and furthermore, you. Coming across as if it were a classic Don Dixon or Mitch Easter production, Desired Effect impresses with a wellspring of persistently jangly guitar chords, a la Dreams So Real and The Plimsouls. By no means start-to-finish par excellence, (not to mention leaning a bit AOR at times), this albums exemplary "Turn You Down," "Change My Mind," and the well-chosen Teenline comp selection, "All Tied Up," are good as gold. Desired Effect comes courtesy of the presumably short-lived Hit-A-Note label, whom have released other records that may or may not appear on this site.

01. A Stranger's Eyes
02. Throw Away
03. I'll Turn You Down
04. Change My Mind
05. I Love You, Love
06. The Need For Love
07. Remember
08. Last Call
09. Tryin' To Be Near You
10. All Tied Up


Mr said...

Hey Spavid

Just listened to this for the first time as I'm going through some of the random stuff on my hard drive.
Outstanding! Is that singer a dead vocal ringer for Peter Case or what. Many thanks


osqar said...

Hello Spavid

Please Could you re-up this gem?

Thanks a lot for your amazing Wilfully Obscure.

Happy New Year.


spavid said...

Just fixed the link. Thanks for the kind words.

osqar said...

Thanks a lot again for re-up the link.

Unknown said...

what a cool find!!! thanx for posting. I lived in nastyville during the late '80'a/early '90's. If you have anything by raging fire, I would so appreciate you sharing

Unknown said...

just to clarify this album is not from the Nashville shakers this album is the Shakers and they are from Kentucky two different bands

Unknown said...

Would love a reupload of this album! Thank you in advance

km said...

Hi man reupload this album! Please Good Stuffs Thanks