Sunday, March 2, 2008

Singles Going Single #18 - Cherry Smash "West Coast Rip-off" 7" (199?, Candy Floss)

The Cherry Smash are yet another band I belatedly became acquainted from a long out of print compilation, namely, Pure Spun Sugar, released all the way back in '98. I'm including their brilliant comp song, "Split Screen," as a bonus to the one and only single I have by the band.

Sounding like a byproduct of the '90s indie rock scene and the waning shoegazer movement of the time (wish they'd included a copyright date, sorry folks) The Smash deliver melodious, chiming guitar pop, a la Fudge and Small Factory...if that means anything to you of course. While "Split Screen" is the song that sold me on Cherry Smash, West Coast Rip-offs A-side, "Nowhere Generation," clocks in at a very close second. The B-side features two numbers. "You Made Me Hate the Beach Boys," kicks off with a bizarre mangling of the of the actual Beach Boy classic "Good Vibrations," before giving way to Cherry Smash's ultra lo-fi original composition, ostensibly recorded to a boom box. The follow-up cut, "Airport Girl," is crunchy and fuzz-laden as-all-get-out.

Should anyone in Cherry Smash, or anyone associated with them read this, please get in touch. I'm very eager to hear any more CS singles that made it to market unbeknownst to me. This is phenomenal stuff!
A. Nowhere Generation
B1. You Made Me Hate the Beach Boys
B2. Airport Girl


Unknown said...

I ran into Cherry Smash's single "Split Screen" last year via my Yahoo Launchcast station. I right away ranked it, the band, and the album at 4 stars hoping to hear more from the band. But that's the only CS track my station ever plays. Sounds a little like My Bloody Valentine. I wonder what ever happened to them? Looking for another great single from an obscure band? Try "Whole" by "Catch Veronica". Also, "Baby Raccoons" from some Canadian various artists disc called "Suck My Disc!". I lost the disk and artist info, and now only have the mp3.

goutroy said...

In case you didn't know, the singer/guitarist/songwriter for Cherry Smash was Blake Miller, who is now the frontman for the band Moving Units.

Mark said...

I think this was their only single before changing bandnames to the Spectacle. The Spectacle had one album on a major that tanked.

sexy said...
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