Sunday, March 16, 2008

Singles Going Single #19 - AV EP 7'' (pre-Pointed Sticks) (1978, Quintessence)

Vancouver, BC's AV were of particular significance aside from their music. Number one, they were...well #1, literally. AV's 7" "EP" was the first release for Vancouver's Quintessence indie record label. Secondly, guitarist Bill Napier-Hemy would later go on to form the much higher profile Pointed Sticks, which you can check out on this previous Wilfully Obscure posting. Fronted by Tim Ray, AV's post-punk rock was not terribly Earth shattering, or for that matter, influential, but they were a mildly interesting footnote, not to mention springboard for Vancouver's fledgling indie scene in the late '70s.

01. Dying in Brooklyn
02. Cliche
03. Little Old Man
04. All Same


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