Sunday, December 30, 2007

Corn Dollies - s/t (1988)

Not a bevy of info is out there about these folks, but sill quite commendable. The Corn Dollies self-titled debut album was issued during the waning hours of Britain's fabled C86 mini movement. The South London quintet by and large subscribed to the aesthetics of so many indie bands of their era, employing lots of sweet strummy chords, with vocals faintly recalling Stan Ridgeway. This album spawned numerous Corn Dollies singles, most notably their signature song, "Forever Steven," endeared by many fans. Another single, the album's leadoff cut, "Map of the World" illustrates a much more cranked, amped-out disposition of the Corn Dollies, that unfortunately didn't manifest itself elsewhere on here. Still you can't go wrong with the remaining 13 cuts. More singles and another excellent album, Wrecked, followed but the Dollies called it a day in 1991. A short bio and discography can be found here.

01. Map of the World
02. Mouthful of Brains
03. Shake
04. Forever Steven
05. The Big House
06. What Do I Ever
07. Gathered Up
08. Be Small Again
09. Big Cane Call
10. Sweetheart Rose Special
11. About to Believe
12. Climbing Stairs
13. People Gone
14. This is Mine

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Popworks said...

Thanks for the album. The Corn Dollies did an excellent version of Chic's "Le Freak" on the compilation "Alvin Live In Leeds". You can download the track here:

Popworks said...

I meant:

Alvin lives in Leeds

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for posting this. EXCELLENT band, highly under-appreciated.

Bhug said...

I don't know where you find all these gems, but I like reading your reviews of them.

antippasti said...
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caneda said...

is there any chance to re up this excellent album..please....thank you in advance..