Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One Plus Two - Once In a Blue Moon (1986)

This album was recently requested from one of our gracious viewers. It was in fact procured several months ago from the late, great Power Pop Lovers blog, a none-too-key impetus for creating my own page, but I digress.

My knowledge of One Plus Two doesn't stretch far beyond the music and album sleeve. They were a coed outfit who released this album on Homestead Records in 1986, and had two previous records available, namely another 12" on Homestead, and a 7" ep titled Watercolor Haircut on the prestigious New Math label.

Once In a Blue Moon is an immediately winsome album, flavored with the jangly indie-pop (think Mitch Easter, etc) of it's era. Perhaps not brilliant, it's still well worth anyones time and hard drive space.

01. Late Last Night
02. Everything's Alright
03. Darkness
04. Hey Little Girl
05. You Can't Run
06. Can't Go Back
07. Heaven Up There
08. Letters
09. Midnight Train
10. You'll Be Thinking


evr said...

thank you thank you thank you!

2 more songs and I can make the box set!

L said...

I love winsome jangle pop - never heard of these guys. Thanks so much. LD

Rick Del Santo said...

Thank You. I just picked this up in a trade about a week ago. I love it.

d. said...

Hello. I'd appreciate if you could re-new this link in your next re-up campaign. Also, looking for few old Homestead records and knowing that you are fan of the label I kindly ask for some future dedicated posts (if you have them on the shelves or hard-disc): Death of Samantha 'Strangout if Jargon' and 'Come All Ye Faithless' + both early singles; Meatmen 'War of the Superbikes; My Dad is Dead; Blackjacks; Dogmatics; Nomads; second EP from the Files; the Frogs; Fish & Roses ... that's it. Thanks. Regards

Cool 80s music said...

great music, never heard of them and love the REM/ Mitch Easter sound..
any chance you might have that 1st lp "One Plus Two ‎– The Ivy Room " for download?

Cool 80s music said...

Hey, 1 more thing , Track 7 noted as "heaven up there" seems to be the wrng track, probably mislabeled while naming downloads, this track is awesome, but its a 80's minimal new wave band with a female singer, not on par with the other 9 jangly pop songs.. PS id like to know who sings the track by the way!, love Minimal 80s too!

Sean R. said...

Would it be possible to reupload this as I am digging into more of the Jangle Underground artists?

Thank you for this blog.

JMJ said...

What an earth shattering find! Thank you thank you thank you!!!