Saturday, September 26, 2020

The Front - Le Bete Humaine ep (1987, Nocturnal)

Between the chugging rockabilly strut of the title cut and bluesy slow-walk of the concluding "Ball & Chain" The Front deliver three solidly memorable guitarsy burners that intermittently smack of Lords of the New Church and Screaming Blue Messiahs.  Foremost among them is "Temples," bustling with sass and an anthemic ethos so fiery I'm not even sure if these guys knew they possessed such a potent stockpile of ammunition. This Front aren't to be confused with another band of roughly the same era bearing said moniker who existed for a spell in the early '90s and later changed their name to Bakers Pink.

01. La Bete Humaine
02. Lost Seekers
03. Temples
04. Son of Sam
05. Ball & Chain

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Gill said...

Thanks Mano, that's quite a recommendation. Be Well.