Saturday, February 18, 2017

Wild Giraffes - Ensemble and Majorettes 7'' (1978)

Request fulfilled to the individual who asked for this, and while I'm not in possession of the original artifact, another blogger made this available several years ago.  I featured one of the Wild Giraffes later releases, their 1981 platter Right Now.  Regarding this 45, "Love Me" is a delightful way to spend 150 seconds (or so).  Quintessential DIY power pop from it's halcyon era, brimming with harmonies, a ringing guitar fill, and warm reverb that charms like no ones business.  The Giraffes approach the flipside, "When I Find Out" with a grittier, serrated edge not dissimilar to the garagey tendencies of The Troggs.

A. Love Me
B. When I Find Out


Beyes said...

I am the requesting individual! Thank you!

cheese borger said...

I saw these guys a ton of times from 79-81. A really great live band. I thought the RIGHT NOW LP they put out didn't capture them correctly, it could have been so much more. A great bunch of guys from an eastern suburb of Cleveland. Mike Metoff (Pagans, Cramps, Clocks, Tommy Gunn, Ike Knox) once auditioned for them but wasn't a good fit and they recommended him to The Pagans and the rest, as they say, is history.