Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sonny Sixkiller - This is Your Heaven (2000, Vital Cog)

This is just one of many albums in the "S" section of my CD rack that I fail to acknowledge 99.99% of the time when I'm browsing.  And then there are rare occasions like today when I purge it from it's roost on the shelf and actually put it to good use.  Always a wise decision when it comes to Sonny Sixkiller, a Philly combo offering something of a revolving door lineup, with focal point Kara Lafty leading the charge on vox and gits.  Kara and intermittent drummer Bret Tobias were part and parcel of '90s indie-pop noiseniks Moped.  Much as I cheered-on Moped and their primo album, It Won't Sound Any Better Tomorrow, Sonny entailed a more lucid and advanced aptitude, hinging on a bittersweet undercurrent that should have made them a hell of a lot more endearing to a bigger audience.  Sonically, This is Your Heaven comes from a locale situated somewhere between the Blake Babies and Pollyanna, and wields some seriously crackling and melodic salvos including "Halo" and "Drive Away."

01. Water it Down
02. Halo
03. Blue Eye Shadow
04. Big house
05. Drive Away
06. Song in Three
07. Calculated Guess
08. One Less in the Way
09. Nothing's Too Complicated
10. Not So Fast
11. I'm Not Courageous
12. Out of Sight

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Kurt Hernon said...

Bret Tobias was a force in the WAY overlooked The Bigger Lovers in the 2000's...well worth seeking out, particularly their debut "How I Learned to Stop Worryi