Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Moss Poles - Underground ep (1987, Idea)

My turntable is out of commission, sad to say, but the archives are pretty well stocked.  This Moss Poles ep is plucked from the fat of the land that is my hard drive (sadly I'm not in possession of an original copy).  These Londoners assembled at the University of (London) in 1987, which is hard to believe because in that same year they also recorded a full length, Shorn, and some additional material that found it's way onto this EP.  Hard to believe any band is that productive to form from scratch and mint records all within a few months of each other, but I digress.

For an '80s aggregation, Moss Poles didn't really possess the slick, patented sound of their generation, not dissimilar to Stateside contemporaries The Smithereens.  The Poles exuded strong power pop bona fides, but also the taut muscularity of the Godfathers and the forward-thinking acuity of the Close Lobsters.  Merely three songs here, but I don't anticipate any complaints.  P.S. Cloudberry Records blog did a nice piece on these guys. 

01. Underground
02. Were You Happy?
03. The Sweetest Girl


bristolboy said...

Great 45 but Have to stickmy neck out & say to my ears the earlier 45 "One Summer" is vastly superior. It makes me think of better days......

Rolo Tomasi said...

damm! track 3 is really good!