Saturday, December 26, 2015

V/A - Best of the Blog 2015

Usually I wait until the 31st to pony up the annual "portable" version of W/O for the year ending, but something tells me I'm not going to get much more in before New Year's Eve.  Let's take a look at the numbers, shall we?  For 2015 I posted roughly 220 entries.  Subtract the fifty temporary Mystery Monday listings and that leaves 170 permanent shares.  Not bad, but in 2009, for example, the tally was a much more staggering 270 posts, virtually none of which were available on a limited basis.  In case you didn't feel like doing the math, 2015 had 100 fewer fixed entries - an average of two less per week (every week only has seven days you know).  So what gives?   A combination of things, the overriding one being that I don't want to exhaust my collection.  Pacing myself is a must, as is quality control.  Other factors may or may not include (moderate) burnout, overtime at my paying gig, and plain old doubt and indecisiveness.  This might lead you to ask, is Wilfully Obscure in it for the long haul?  I really don't think you have anything to be worried about.

As for what I've presented this years, here's the crème de la crème ripped from another batch of stunning revelations that are sure to garner more cheers than jeers.  Yes siree Bob, The usual cornucopia of jangly arpeggios, rampaging riffola and subterranean splendor you've come to rely on (albeit not all facets populating the same record).  The 24-track compendium outlined below is compiled predominantly from vinyl releases, naturally the meat and potatoes of this humble website.  I don't have an adequate amount of time to delve into any particular selections, which is why I've conveniently provided hyperlinks to the pertinent write-ups of whomever artist you fancy more details on.  Included are three songs I haven't previously shared.  The Shrapnel tune is a corker.  Enjoy.

01. Nashville Ramblers - The Trains
02. The New Dylans - The Primer of Life
03. The Fire - Stars (Looking Up At)
04. The Bandables - Cynacism
05. Farewell Party - Terez Batista
06. Epic Rumors - The Procession
07. Say-so - Celebration Waiting
08. Bullets - That Certain Glow
09. Red Buckets - Something Else Again*
10. Westmorelands - Cutting Against the Grain
11. Straight A's - Wash it All Away
12. Sammy - Babe Come Down
13. Daddy in His Deep Sleep - Play The Part
14. Social Club - Left to Understand
15. Outlets - Whole New World
16. Yo - I Meant to Tell You
17. Blush - Spit it Out (1980)*
18. Shrapnel - Combat Love (1979)*
19. Enemies - Degeneration
20. Angle Park - On My Back
21. The Lads - Bostown Girls
22. The Talk - Mystery to Me
23. SVT - Heart of Stone
24. The Stockings - (She's a) Devil

* previously unshared


fgafdgdfg said...

If you have the Red Buckets Palm Sunday single: please, please, please share! I've been looking for it for a couple of years with no luck!

spavid said...

The Red Buckets single is at the top of my want list! Will let you know if I find a copy.

Jon Harrison said...

Played this list to death last year. Very much looking forward to this. There are a few more titles I'm familiar with this year.

Happy holidays, and peace in 2016,


JVK said...