Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Farewell Party - Here (1988, Principe Logique)

Today's artifact comes courtesy of four Yankie expatriates residing in Germany, at least at the time of this recording.  Hoping to follow in the footsteps of the Fab Four perhaps?  Nah.  Instead, the Farewell Party exude artful shades of Felt, the Go Betweens and the Velvets tossing in some lightweight paisley sparkle when it suits them.  Sounds like a fetching recipe (and it is) but this combo is undercut a tad by it's coed commandeers, David John and Lois B., or more specifically their vocals which perilously veer tone deaf more often than not.  Despite the duo's arguable deficiency on the mic, Here's opening shot, "Terez Batista" is brilliant - a mildly baroque, jangle pop piece that arouses as one of the finest left-off-the-dial propositions from this era I've encountered in ages.  "Runaway Horses" is probably the next most convincing specimen in the Farewell Party arsenal, and a subtle but imaginative reworking of Nick Drake's "Things Behind the Sun" is another highlight. 

01. Terez Batista
02. James
03. Things Behind the Sun
04. Complete True Citizens of the World
05. Where Clouds Lie
06. Girl on the Ledge
07. Promise of Rain
08. Here (Letter to America)
09. Runaway Horses
10. Waterland


Bruce Kelly said...

Well, with those name drops I have to check it out.

Unknown said...

spavid said...

I knew you weren't likely to resist.

Bruce Kelly said...

Only got to listen to about half of it today. The best of those, including the opening track, crossed my threshold, but some of the others were just so-so, although always with a pretty clear intent. We shall see. In any case, looking very far ahead, I could see the lead track on Best Of Blog 2015!

Frederik Jan van Ingen said...

Hi could you re-up this one please?
Thank You!