Friday, January 30, 2015

Wishing Wall - Maybe (1989, Token Bird)

I'm not sure if any of you were "wishing" I would share this, but whatever the case, here it is.  I know zilch about these Hotlanta denizens, other than an ep preceded Maybe in '87.  Wishing Wall practiced competent, if not always stimulating strummy guitar pop that skewed slightly due west of the dial.  As a whole, Maybe sounds like it could have been a potential Dox Dixon production from back in the day.  Technically a quartet, W/W often strike me as more of a solo vehicle for prime mover Kib.  The most muscular and genuinely passionate thing on here, "My Favorite Song" more or less lives up to it's title.  "Bsusa" consists of Kib uttering the line "He was a butthole surfer" ad nauseam.  Weird.  The concluding "Letter" is a self-pitying, naval gazing lament that goes on for six-and-a-half ennui-laden minutes.  Make of Wishing Wall what you will.  Props to Discogs for pics of the album jacket. 

01. Maybe
02. Wide Awake
03. Anything
04. My Girl
05. Drink Myself to Sleep
06. Ransom
07. Don't Try to Change Me
08. My Favorite Song
09. Big White House
10. Bsusa
11. Nobody Cry
12. Letter

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LeeVanCleef said...

I never did get the details on how scientists in the '90s stopped the spread of the Don Dixon virus.