Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Baby Tooth - Rare Book Room (1994, Personal Favorite)

This is a somewhat belated follow-up to a Baby Tooth single I pitched your way in 2011.  At the time I noted my intentions to obtain their ep (which actually runs closer to album length).  At any rate, here it is.  Six longish salvos from a noisy and much defunct New York trio.  "Potentiometer" is a curiosity, alternating between dissonance and a faint pop hook with the former winning out in the end.  Is that guy really tuning his guitar mid-song, or are my ears deceiving me?  Rare Book Room gets all the more interesting when the boys shift into unabashed shoegazer mode, à la lo-fi contemporaries the Swirlies on "Comes and Goes," and "Slide," the latter fastening Michal Sapir's whispery vox to an oscillating wall of tremolo-laced feedback.  Me like.

01. Potentiometer
02. Mantra
03. Small Dreamy
04. Slide
05. Wish Upon an Eyelash
06. Comes and Goes


ingrid said...

thank you!

slow pacer said...

is it possible to re-up this record along with their earlier 7"?

thanks a lot in advance!