Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Marsupials - The Four of Us Are Dying (1986, Cool Green)

The Marsupials were a psyche-garage quartet, presumably from the environs of Los Angeles, who didn't burrow too deep into either realm, and wouldn't you know it, they were are all the better for it.  The Four of Us... was too rollicking and uptempo to qualify these gentlemen for the so called Paisley contingent, though drummer Chris Bruckner would later materialize in Michael Quercio's post-Three O'clock trio, Permanent Green Light.  The Marsupials touch on everyone from the Screaming Trees to the Lime Spiders, yet manage to weave in calmer, jangly guitar salvos on one of the album's earlier selections, "Mumble."  "The One's Who Survive" and "We Need Each Other" are smart, robust rave-ups, while "Glam Revival" fittingly (not to mention blatantly) xeroxes T. Rex's sleezy formula lock stock and barrel to terrific effect.  I'll let you figure what the remainder of this platter is all about on your own, though in full disclosure, I should mention my record has a slight warp, that for the most part effects side a's "One Big Pill."  Should a better copy find it's way into my hands, a re-rip will be in order.

01. One Big Pill
02. Green Tambourine
03. F.D.B.
04. Mumble
05. I Thought it Would Be Easy
06. Tobacco Road
07. She's a Liar
08. Glam Revival
09. We Need Each Other
10. I'm a Sissy
11. The Ones Who Survive
12. (I Don't Live) Inside Your World
13. Reprise (The Lights are Turning Green and Blue)
14. Pasadena Hilton


Mr_Crass said...

Very cool! It appears the Marsupials also had a track on a Rodney Bingenheimer comp called: Rodney Bingenheimer Presents "All Year Party!" Volume One on Martian Records. Maybe someone has that to post?

spavid said...

Not I unfortunately. Hope you like the LP.