Friday, December 27, 2013

VA - Best of the Blog mix 2013

In what's become an annual tradition, I've prepared a (highly) condensed version of what I've been sharing for the past two months in the from of my yearly blog mix.  It serves as an ideal starting point for both lapsed Wilfully Obscure-ophiles, or for the more dedicated visitors who would simply enjoy indulging in a straight-up. 80-minute wedge of some of the finest audio treasures I was able to purvey to you in 2013.

This has easily been the most tumultuous year in the history of this site, if only for the fact that my file hoster of choice for nearly six years, scrubbed 50+ gigs of data that I had been sharing with you lot, without an iota of warning I might add.  For the most part, this matter is behind me, and roughly 80% of the links on here are currently active.  Additionally, work obligations have chiseled into my recreation time more than ever (not that many of you have probably noticed).  As the years go by, it seems as though I have fewer "big unveilings" to present to you, with the creme de la creme of my collection already exhausted and immortalized on Wilfully Obscure.  Nonetheless it's still fun, and I have plenty more to offer. And while we're on the upside of things, 2013 brought with a fresh new segment, namely Mystery Mondays, allowing me to (temporarily) share a segment of my collection that I have been reticent to do so before. 
The twenty-four song collection I'm presenting today is a patchwork of disparate genres, often inconveniently rubbing elbows with each other, may they be punk-pop, jangle, or frankly unclassifiable.  For those who find it fit to devour these couple dozen tracks in one sitting, there are bound to be some uncomfortable segues - a sort of microcosm of this site itself in many respects.  Along with twenty jams I've already unleashed, there are four additional ones that I haven't, and they're denoted below.  Enjoy.

01. Sardina - Ding Dong, The Liberty Horse
02. Sugarplastic - Jesus Doesn't Live Here Anymore
03. Tobin Sprout - Serial Killer
04. Second Childhood - Smashing Mirrors
05. The Church Grims - Plaster Saint
06. James Dean Driving Experience - Drop Dead Darling
07. The Love In - Late as Usual
08. The Wake - Lion's Heart*
09. Perfect Strangers - Small Town*
10. Nuns of the Great West - The Right and the Wrong*
11. Nocturnal Projections - In Purgatory
12. Lion Tamer - West 64
13. Garden Variety - Turnout
14. The Crush - Get Out Of My Head And Into My Hands
15. G-Whiz - You Popped My Life*
16. Splendor Head - Number on the Radio
17. John's Black Dirt - Lights Flashing
18. The Donner Party - John Wilkes Booth
19. The Trace - This Time
20. The Nines - Jennifer Smiles (demo)
21. Something Fierce - My Hands Are Tied
22. Brave New World - Brave New World
23. Cries - Death in Boston
24. Enemies in the Grass - Day After Day

* = previously unshared



edison61 said...


Bruce K. said...

Thanks, very much looking forward to it.

You're becoming just like the big labels, offering compilations but adding "previously unreleased bonus tracks" to make us acquire them!

Best to you.


piratecyan said...

Thanks mate, I'm a sucker for compilations that sound intriguing

Bruce K. said...

I think the flow of the collection works quite well. And a specific thank you for leading off with Sarina's "Ding Dong, The Liberty Horse," as that record as a whole got a little too weird for me, but that is a great (if also a little weird) track.

Popville said...

Finally listened to this tonight. Superb! Especially love the Sugarplastic oldie, but it's all Obscurastic!