Friday, December 13, 2013

Times Beach - Love and Politics tape (1986, Beach-head)

This was one of those "it looks mildly intriguing, and the price is sure right, so I'm gonna plunk a few dollars down" Ebay listings from a couple years ago.  Times Beach were a nondescript, left-of-the-dial leaning Minneapolis troupe, featuring one Katy Thomasberg, who positioned herself in front of the mic more often than not on Love and Politics, an eleven song cassette album.  One side of the cartridge explores the Love theme, and you can guess what follows on the opposite, though this Twin Cities combo hardly strike me as hardcore activists of any stripe.  "The Best of Me," "She's So Cool," and "Swept Away" all benefit from a swift, uptempo propensity without careening off the rails.  Bonus points for the sizzling guitar lead on the concluding "In This Town."

01. Hurt Me
02. The Best of Me
03. The Dream
04. Stop
05. She's So Cool
06. I Love the Sound

07. Swept Away
08. Life in the World
09. R.O.W.
10. Shotgun Lobotomy
11. In This Town


Woody said...

Fantastic tape!! Thankx a lot.

Unknown said...

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John said...

Can you please re-up this?


spavid said...

The link has been updated.

bwillems said...

Amazing. Could you please re-up this again? Had this back in the day... Any Bring Home the Lobsters?

km said...

please re-upload this Album again.