Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Full Moon Tan ep (1983, Elefant)

While not a total cold case, there are scant details to be had online regarding Full Moon Tan, a quintet who ostensibly called Mt. View, California homebase.  If anything, it's impossible to deny that FMT weren't an inch above milking the technology of the day to their most gratuitous advantage. This six song platter is rife with trendy, wave-pop nuances, that are almost enough to asphyxiate anyone in earshot with a skinny leather tie.  Singer Michael (no last name provided) exudes some discernible Sting-esque vocal inflections, without necessarily duplicating Sting's timbre, if that makes any sense.  Full Moon Tan were considerably more frivolous and tongue-in-cheek than the Police, placing them in league with the Brains and Donnie Iris.  If you're looking for a fun, and often catchy new wave record with an amateurish bent, you've hit the jackpot.

01. No Money, No Chick, No Car
02. I Want to See Her Again
03. Corner of My Eye
04. You're Full of Excuses
05. Aliens
06. I Don't Want to Be Alone With You


MKV said...

Spavid you've hit the 80's nail on the head on this one...kinda gives me an Oingo Boingo impression too...also there seems to be a smidgeon of a homage to the Police in terms of playing at the end of Aliens. I like it but don't tell anyone.

Shelayne 4481 said...

I remember seeing this band in the mid 80’s at Route 66... I dated that lead singer briefly .. but like MKV above.. don’t tell anyone! Lol. 😝

Unknown said...

They opened up for Berlin at, then called, Marroitt’s Great America, in Santa Clara, CA. Maaaybe 1983?? That was my very first concert. No Money, No Chick, No Car was a fun song.