Saturday, December 7, 2013

Blown - Forever mLP (1993, Parasol)

Blown.  Forever.  Those two words spoken or read in unison suspiciously conjure up something akin to a lascivious fantasy, but I'm sure that wasn't what Blown head honcho Nick Rudd had in mind.  With that aside, I haven't mentioned Nick a whole lot on these pages, though I took a liking to his music ages ago, not only by virtue of this record, but primarily through his association with Velvet Crush, and just as significantly, the jangle-rock combo he strummed for in the late '80s, Weird Summer.  Particularly on their first two albums, Cry for the Moon and Homer, WS bore the telltale lilt of "new south" aggregations like Let's Active and the dBs, but with a more durable, rootsy hue.  That aesthetic carried over to this excellent mini LP, which incidentally was the premiere release for the then fledgling Parasol Records imprint.  The Rickenbacker infused ambiance of the Weird Summer albums isn't as dominant on Forever, but it nonetheless could pass for a Mitch Easter or Don Dixon production - and in my world that spells quality.  If this turns the key for you, check out a 1996 Weird Summer 7" that I'm also hosting on here.  Enjoy (or not).

01. Blown
02. Forever
03. A Lesson Learned
04. Good One
05. Windows
06. Blue
07. A Night Like This
08. Waltz


voixautre said...

Hello, love your blog. I have a blog called "Only the lonely" that you might like. Covers similar musical territory. I put you on my bloglist and was wondering if you could put me on yours. If so, it would be greatly appreciated ~ voixautre

wkc said...

bad gateway error. I think netkups is down. Thanks for this share. Hope it's back up soon.

Todd said...

I can't believe I didn't know about this. I listened to it tonight thinking it was some unreleased demo and came away very impressed. I knew Nick Rudd about ten years ago and frequented Parasol, and I don't remember this ever coming up in conversation.

Ryan said...

I have found and ripped their first single:

spavid said...

Much appreciated Ryan. Checking it out now.

Koyott said...

reup please, mate. Thanks!

J said...

What a nice discovery! Gracias.

Todd said...

Nick passed away Monday. Thanks for helping his music live on.