Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Indicators - 12 Ton ep (1996, VML)

The sticker adorning the album jacket proclaims that The Indicators are comprised of alumni from such old school Chicago punk stalwarts as the Effigies and Bhopal Stiffs along with a member of D.C. hardcore legends Government Issue.  This information no doubt helped to lure me in (and the sale price didn't hurt either).  I was relieved these guys didn't subscribe to the cookie-cutter EpiFat sound that was all the rage when this record dropped, nor did I encounter any deliberate throwback maneuvers to their collective lineage.  On the other hand, one or the other actually might have propped up 12 Ton a tad, because even on numerous repeat listens The Indicators aren't terribly indicative of much of anything, save for an overabundance of pedestrian concerns.  Maybe it's the relatively gruff vocals, or their apparent disinterest in melody that's rubbing me the wrong way.  I don't really know.  However, based on the Indicators pedigree alone, I thought this was worth throwing out there.  Although you can't really discern from my inadequate photo, the record sleeve isn't a pure black background. This was released on Joey Vindictive's VML imprint. 

01. Forever Just Remains
02. Headcleaner
03. Along the Edge
04. Not Miles
05. One of Those Days
06. Empty-V


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