Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Overflow - The Worm 7" ep (1995, Goodwill)

This was a very pleasant surprise, from a Croatian group no less.  Purely based on the cosmetics of the lowbrow sleeve artwork, I anticipated Overflow would mine a similar punk-pop vein to the Descendents and/or Hagfish.  Not quite.  Instead, Overflow tacked in the direction of the Bollweevils, early Supersuckers and Scared of Chaka, and sounded thoroughly American in the process.  Spunky and inspired as any of their Stateside ilk, this co-ed trio had razor sharp tunes to boot.  Totally reminds me of the records I ordered out of Maximum Rock and Roll from this period.  Could use a second helping, Michelin Man!

01. Friend
02. Savage
03. Out There
04. Let Me In (!?)


bglobe313 said...

As travelers in France know, you can't go wrong with Bibendum the Michelin Man. ("His" "real name" courtesy of my wife who introduced me to the greatest of France.)

I'm intrigued, so I'll check it out.

Ace K.

spavid said...

Cool. Feel free to share your thoughts Ace.

bglobe313 said...

Pretty damn serious family health problems have kept me from actually listening to it, but I will in time.

Somehow, though, I don't expect to be cranking it up in a hospital room, even if it is a private one.

Your blog and music are helping me as I deal with all this.

Ace K.

spavid said...

Sorry to hear you (or your loved ones) have fallen ill Ace. My best wishes to you!

HC said...

Thank you for the nice review, although they are a quartet, not a trio. I released this one back in 1995 and this gave life to my newly started label. You pinpointed the style pretty well. I always thought of them as Cringer meets SNFU meets early S. Weasel with Jake Burns-like vocals, but your description fits even better! Glad you enjoyed it. best regards

DK said...

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