Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Pedaljets - Today, Today (1988)

The Kansas based Pedlajets are yet another in a seemingly endless number of quality '80s/early '90s bands that I have only learned about posthumously. On their debut, Today Today, The Pedaljets are a good approximation of the earnest, but rugged guitar rock of the Replacements and Nils. The band's approach is further coloured with a penchant for ringing, jangly chords, popularised by REM and the like. The Pedaljets followed up Today Today with a self-titled followup on Communion Records in 1990, which did little for their fans, and even less for them. Nevertheless, there are some great tunes on this one. It's my understanding that the Pedaljets have recently performed some reunion shows.


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april said...

The band has actually had a chance this year to re-record their self-titled album, to be released sometime in November 07. They have two shows in the next few weeks, with more to be announced soon.