Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blake Babies - 'Sunburn' demos (1989)

I stumbled across this a few years ago on a file trading site and have not re-encoded or altered anything. The Blake Babies really need no introduction, so I'll spare you a verbose essay. This bootlegged collection of demos for the Babies' final album, Sunburn, has the rough-hewn, embryonic warmth than any dedicated fan could want. It's really unnecessary for me to extol on whether these incarnations were superior to the finished versions, when you can make that determination for yourself.

Be that as it may, there's no startling revelations here, save perhaps for the fact that two songs demoed here, "Down Time," and "Take Me" didn't wind up on Sunburn, rather the Babies' post-Sunburn EP, Rosy Jack World.

01. Down Time
02. I'll Take Anything
03. I'm Not Your Mother
04. Kiss and Make Up
05. Look Away
06. Sanctify
07. Star
08. Take Me
09. Train
10. Watch Me Now I'm Calling


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L said...

Hey - THANKS for making this available. I just pulled out an old BB's record and was curious about their other material.But this is unexpected! Thanks again. -LD