Sunday, September 16, 2007

White Flag - Thru the Trash Darkly 1982-1992 (1993)

Formed in 1982 as a parody, just as much as an afterthought of the Los Angeles punk scene that had recently burned itself out, White Flag were to a certain extent the punk equivalent of the Ruttles. And like the Ruttles, White Flag were actually quite adept at what they did. Their early singles and albums, like Third Strike and WFO play like quintessential artifacts of their era, providing the perfect soundtrack for the nascent So-Cali skateboard scene at the time. I don't think White Flag were necessarily trying to appeal to "the kids," and from my vantage point they didn't. It took more seasoned ears (and eyes) to appreciate White Flag's parodied album sleeves, aliases such as Pat Fear and Jello B. Afro, choice cover tunes, and of course the band's patented tongue-in-cheek sensibilities, that were if not outright funny, at least attention grabbing.

Many contributors, both famous and non-famous have passed through White Flag's revolving lineup, including but certainly not limited to: Kim Shattuck (Muffs), Steven McDonald (Redd Kross), and Tony Adolescent. Although this compilation revisits White Flag's halcyon era, the band in one form or another carried on sporadically. With a reborn sonic overhaul, White Flag carried their banner into the 21st century with the album Eternally Undone, featuring Ken Stringfellow from The Posies of all people.

Thru the Trash Darkly does an adequate job of cherry picking White Flag's complex discography, which would frustrate even the most anal of completists. You can read up on white flag here and here.

01. In the City
02. Don't Give It way
03. Face Down
04. I Need You
05. Beyond Hurt
06. In a Different Light
07. Suicide King
08. He's a Whore
09. Think 4 Yourself
10. Everything Means Nothing
11. Hot Rails to Hell
12. Fruit Loop Dreams
13. Glass Dagger
14. I'm Down
15. Instant Breakfast
16. Butterfly Revolution
17. Demolition Girl
18. Return of the King
19. Jungle
20. I'll be Back
21. Loaded
22. Suite Bobby Brady
23. Hot Bitch
24. Shattered Badge
25. Flipside
26. Wake Up Screaming
27. Over My Head
28. Celebrate
29. Mirror Mirror
30. Suzy Secret
31. Hoppity Hooper
32. Flaming Halos
33. Cheze
34. Why, Because?



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Nice work (thanks for splitting the difference between he vinyl and the CD.)

'Face down' is one of the all-time best punk obscurities.

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Thank you so much for this! I've been looking to replace this ever since it was stolen out of my car almost ten years ago.

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