Saturday, September 8, 2007

Majesty Crush - Fan ep (1992) & Sans Muscles ep (1994)

Majesty Crush may have been the only shoegazer/dream-pop band from Detroit to land a major label deal in 1992. Their deal with Dali Records culminated soon after with their scrumptious Love 15 LP, which is a must, must have. Singer David Stroughter's hushed vocals atop his band's woozy, but soothing soundscapes made for some of the most sublime, enthralling music of their time. Giving the amount of competition in the early '90s, that's saying a lot.

The Fan EP, on the independent Vulva Records label served as a demo Love 15, containing formative versions of three songs that would appear on the album, including "No. 1 Fan," perhaps the most melodically stunning song ever to suggest a presidential assassination. Seriously. Lyrically, much of their early material may strike some as being a tad underwritten, but MC's sonic prowess is adequate compensation.

After apparently being released from their contract, or perhaps simply imploding, their final release came a year later. Sans Muscles is another five-song delight, this time showing a marked progression wherein the band extricates themselves from their dreamy haze, landing on a more lucid plateau.

To read up on the band's history, and for details of their recent "best-of" collection, check out their myspace page (linked above) and their Wikipedia entry.

Fan ep
01. No. 1 Fan
02. Penny For Love
03. Sunny Pie
04. Horse
05. Worri

Sans Muscles ep
01. Space Between Your Moles
02. Seine
03. Bestower of Blessings
04. If JFA Were Still Together
05. Ghost of Fun

Fan ep: Hear
Sans Muscles ep: Hear


Autógeno said...

Thanks for this delights. Have you got Love 15? I'm looking for it for a long time.

Michael Orr said...

I've still got the cassette tape. :D

Melon said...

do you have Love 15? I've lost mine.

Chavoe said...

PLEASE reupload Sans Muscles. I will sacrafice a piece of cow meat if you do!

chuckiefinmeister said...

could you please reupload sans muscles? i really want to put "spaces between your moles" in a mixtape and i don't know where else to find it. :(

drew said...

Hello! Please reup Fan ep!!!

spavid said...

Just fixed the link to both.

/S said...

Are they still making music? Found some on us.. information would be nice. copyright? but Spotify still has their compilation. Cool pods and feels. Miss u David! 1992 baby. Majesty Crush is incomparable. Wish I could use them for my videos. :(



Megan D said...

Timely re-up R.I.P. David Stroughter

Casey said...

Could we get a re-up of both of these? Thanks!

He said...

you can re-upload the links please, please!!!

blu3sunset said...

Could you re-upload these, please? 🙏