Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Trilobites - I Can't Wait For Summer to End ep (1988)

Australia's Trilobites were one of the first discoveries from my initial exposure to college radio back in the late 1980s. Typically, at the time all of the Trilobites releases, and for that matter most bands on the RooArt label were unavailable stateside. Luckily, I was able to find a cassette copy of I Can't Wait For Summer to End, in a relatively short amount of time (this rip is taken from CD). Like The Godfathers and The Jam, whom the Trilobites appear to be heavily deriving their influences from, these Sydney bad boys dispensed taught, no-nonsense rock and roll with all the penetrating hooks and vigorous guitar chops one could ever hope for. The potent highlight, "Why Can't I Remember" is indelible as this stuff comes, and they sport a political conscience on "Critcal Mass," and the closing "All Hail the New Right." Gotta love the detailed cover sleeve on this one.

Preceding Summer, there were Trilobites singles nearly as good, but this ep's followup full-length, 1989's Savage Mood Swing, was less consistent.

01. I Can't Wait for Summer to End
02. Tall Poppies
03. Why Can't I Remember
04. Critical Mass
05. All Hail the New Right 


gman said...

Hello. I'm looking for this EP. The link you posted isn't working anymore, I'd appreciate if you could reupload. Thanks a lot in advance.

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

Ryan said...

re-up, please?